Summer is here, and most people will have a lot of parties and other gatherings in their homes. With more traffic often comes more plumbing problems. Before any plumbing disasters occur, you should ask yourself if you have had a plumbing inspection recently? If the answer is no, it may be a good idea to schedule one with your local plumbing company. C4 Plumbing provides expert plumbing inspections, repairs, and emergency services. Below we will discuss a few reasons you might need a plumbing inspection.

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage can occur in bathroom and kitchen sinks, as well as tubs and showers. If you have noticed slower drainage, you could have a partially clogged pipe. Drains are a catch-all for hair, cooking grease, debris, and soap. All of these things can lead to a buildup in your pipes. If you have buildup, a plumbing inspection will find the problem, whether it be a specific drain or the main pipe for your home.

Toilet Clogging Often

If you are noticing your toilet clogging often or the water flushing slowly, you probably need a plumbing inspection. Toilets have u-bends which easily catch items and can clog your toilet. We have seen everything in toilets. From toy race cars to paper towels and baby wipes, toilets can easily become clogged and not allow water to flush through your pipes properly.

Increased Water Bills

If you have noticed that your water bill is increasing, it could be from a leak in your plumbing. Toilets can have problems that lead to them continuously lose water and then need to fill the tank. This can cause a lot of water use. Broken or leaky pipes can also create a higher water bill. If you have pipes that are leaking, then you might have water damages, which could lead to mold growth.

Lower Water Pressures

Faucets that do not put out at full volume can be annoying. Many times, this is a simple fix that can easily be repaired by a certified plumber. If you have a faucet that does not work correctly, call a plumber to check your water pressure.

Water Getting Colder Faster

If you are taking more cold showers, it could be your hot water heater. Hot water heaters need regular maintenance and can break over time. Cold showers are miserable. If you notice your hot water isn’t lasting, give C4 Plumbing a call! We have the proper tools and knowledge to fix the problem!