Leaks from pipes in your home may be common, but foundation leaks are not! Below we will discuss what a foundation leak is and how to spot one. It is important to call a licensed plumber for foundation leaks. Trying to repair it yourself could leave you with more damages from trying to find the source of the leak. Foundation leaks occur when pipes burst in, around, or under your foundation. This can cause extensive damages, as it is hard to spot a foundation or slab leak.

Is Your Water Bill Higher Than Normal?

A higher than typical water bill can be a major cause of concern. It usually means you have a plumbing problem. This can either be from a running toilet, leaky faucet, or broken pipes. If you do not have any visible problems, it could be a foundation or slab leak. This is harder to diagnose, as special equipment will need to be used to find the leak. Call a plumber if your water cost is high and you have used the same amount of water as usual.

Do You Have One Area Of Grass Greener or More Dense Than The Rest?

If you notice a patch of grass close to your foundation that is greener than the rest, it could be a foundation leak. This means the water is running off into that specific area and causing the grass to have more water than average.

Does Your Foundation Feel Damp or Moist?

If you are walking around your property and notice damp or moist spots on the floor, it means you have a leak. This is a severe cause of concern, and you should call a plumber immediately so that they can locate the source and repair the problem.

Does Your Foundation Feel Hot in One Area?

If an area feels hotter than the rest, you could have a hot water leak under your foundation. This is also serious and could lead to extensive water damages.
Are You Noticing Signs Of Water Damage?

Cracks, mold, or wet areas are all signs that you have a leak on your property. Foundation cracks usually occur when water enters the area. If you observe any signs of water damage, call a plumber. Mold and rot are serious and can impact your health!