Plumbing problems can range from minor repairs like leaky faucets to major repairs such as a clogged line. Slow drains can be either of the above. A slow drain in your kitchen could simply be grease was put down the sink and has clogged the line. A slow toilet could be a toy or toilet paper clogging the line, but if you notice slow draining all over your house, it could indicate an even bigger problem.

Roots in The Line

If you are seeing slow drains throughout your home or your drains have stopped draining completely, it becomes a major plumbing emergency. Roots from trees have a tendency to grow into your plumbing lines. When this occurs, it can block off the majority of your line, making it hard for anything to move past the root. Toilet paper and other items can become stuck on the root, making the line impassable. If this happens, your drains will stop working.

A plumber such as C4 Plumbing will have the proper tools to check your lines for any blockages. This can be done in a variety of ways, but a camera sent down your line is one of the fastest ways to determine what is causing the blockage. If the blockage is, in fact, a root, the root will need to be removed from the line. This is a delicate process that needs to be completed by a certified plumber with the proper tools. A small saw is usually sent down, and the root is cut, relieving the blockage. This will allow your drains to drain normally.

If you notice your drains are moving slower, contact a plumber before you have a backflow of water into your home. A certified plumber will be able to check for blockages and remove any roots from your sewer and plumbing lines.