Fall and Winter are almost here, which means colder weather and possible frozen pipes. C4 Plumbing doesn’t want you to experience any water damages or frozen pipes, but if you do, our team is available 24/7 for all your plumbing needs. Below, we will discuss a few tips to help keep pipes safe this Winter!

Do You Have Exposed Pipes?

Exposed pipes that are outdoors are the number one cause of frozen pipes. Take a walk around the exterior of your home, your basement, and your attic. Checking these areas for exposed pipes will allow you to insulate them properly. Insulated pipes will not freeze. If you leave the exposed pipes without insulation, you will likely have frozen pipes, which could burst, causing severe water damages to your property.

Keep Your Heater On

Keeping your heater on even when not home is a smart choice. It not only keep your home warm; it protects your pipes from freezing. If you turn your heat completely off, your home could reach freezing temperatures. You do not want to come home to a cold house and burst pipes. Water damages can be extensive and very expensive to clean up and repair.
Run Water If The Temperature Drops Lower Than Normal
Cold weather is normal, but if the temperatures are dropping lower than usual, run your water at a drip. The water running through your pipes will ensure they do not become frozen and burst.

Open Up Cabinets to Let Warm Air In

When colder weather hits, you can open your cabinets to allow warm air to enter those areas. This will keep your pipes warm. You never want a frozen pipe to occur.
Frozen pipes are common during the colder months, but don’t need to be. If you follow our tips above, you should not have any frozen or burst pipes. If you do experience a frozen pipe, C4 Plumbing is here for all your plumbing needs. Our team is available for both residential and commercial properties. We not only deal with frozen pipes but other plumbing problems as well!