Hotter weather is upon us all. Hotter weather means more use of your air conditioning system. With more usage comes more damages to your HVAC system. No one wants to go home to a hot house and a broken air conditioner. C4 Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling provides HVAC maintenance and repairs for all types of units. Our team will have your home cool in no time at all!

HVAC Maintenance

Filters should be changed regularly. We recommend once a month, as your filter protects your unit from dirt and debris. If you have a dirty filter, air cannot circulate fully, which can lead to a warmer home and an HVAC unit working overtime to cool your home. The constant strain on your HVAC unit can cause damages to occur as well as cause a drastic change in your electric bill. If you are noticing that your unit is not cooling properly, is freezing, or that your electric bill is higher, it is a good time to have your unit serviced.

Servicing HVAC units should be done on a regular basis. An HVAC professional will check that the exterior and interior of your unit are functioning properly. They will also check that your filter has been changed and that there are no clogs in your drip pan. If you do need repairs, it is best to handle them as soon as possible. A minor repair can turn into a major one quickly.

If you have not had your HVAC unit serviced recently, now is the time. You never want to endure hot Summer days with no air conditioning as you wait for repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance can ensure you will not have any surprise repairs in the near future. It would help if you had your HVAC unit serviced at the start of each season. This ensures it is ready for both hot and cold weather!